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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Equipped with right medium, these youngsters focus on realistic portrayal of life

The fascination with Bollywood and Hollywood movies diminishes the space for documentaries in India, said Stanzin Dorjai, who came to the 9th IDSFFK with his long documentary Shepherdess of the Glaciers. He was talking at the Meet the Press programme organized at the 9th IDSFFK venue on Sunday.
The director had portrayed the life of his own sister Tsering, who lives in the northern mountain part of Ladakh which is geographically distant and different  from other regions of India.
The issues faced by transgenders were portrayed in Where The Blue Lotus Blooms directed by a group of youngsters from TISS. “The society has now started to notice their issues; With short films on their life we can work towards a solution to their problems,” said three directors of this group - Anand Gautham, Shreya Katyayini  and Saurabh Kumar – who attended the press meet.
With simple themes and interesting images, we can convey a serious topic, said Archana Chandrasekhar, a student from NIT, Ahmedabad whose debut documentary Dive was screened at the festival.  Her film tells the life of a ten- year- boy Manna and his romance with the river.
Directors Hardik Mehta, Mayuri Walke,  Kenrick  Block, Subhajit Dasgupta  and Nithin R also participated in the press meet.

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