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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Crude Oil – A video installation

A video installation, named Crude Oil, depicting the life of people working in oil refineries was set up at the Kairali theatre complex on Sunday as part of the 9th IDSFFK. The 14-hour video installation is directed by Wang Bing. It is for the first time that a video installation is screened at IDSFFK.
The spirit to experiment and the distinct style make Wang Bing stand apart from other directors. His movies often portray reality with all its burden and beauty. Kerala Chalachithra Academy director T.Rajeevnath inaugurated the event. Academy secretary C.R.Rajmohan, festival director Deepika Susheelan, programme manager Beena Kalam and festival assistant G.R.Shiji participated in the event.

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