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Monday, 13 June 2016

Documentaries show the fiery sides of reality media try to cover up: Sanjay Kak

The period of emergency marked the elemental growth of documentaries in India said renowned documentary filmmaker Sanjay Kak. He was In Conversation with Amrit Gangar as part of the Ninth International Documentary and Short Film Festival here at Nila theatre on Monday. 

“The emergency had given the impetus for the growth of Indian documentaries. It was after 90’s that the growth has witnessed a further escalation and the aggression of the people becomes more naked. This was accompanied by the advent of mass media, in fact, corporate media. Documentaries dwelled more on its fierce side of showing the realities these media tried to cover up”, said him.

Indian documentaries are of per formative nature. They are not made for television or multiplexes. The space that it has created gave way for discussion, which was exciting. 

 “It is true that it has no monetizing relationship with spectators. But it has created an engaging space for conversation. This is, I think, the most powerful part of documentaries”, said Sanjay Kak.

Sanjay Kak is an independent documentary filmmaker whose recent works reflects on ecology, alternatives, and resistance politics. His six films were shown in the category of Filmmaker in Focus of the IDSFFK. 

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